Apple introduced MKMG2HN/A 2GB iPod Shuffle

Apple MKMG2HN/A ipod

Apple is a American multinational technology company designs, develops and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services. This time Apple introduces New Apple MKMG2HN/A ipod .

For the people whose world is music for them apple announced new beautiful gadget ,Apple MKMG2HN/A ipod  2G shuffle.It is a apple product.
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Listening music on Apple MKMG2HN/A ipod  is not just enjoyable,but also gives pleasure .It brings music to your mind.

It is very light in weight to carry.Apple MKMG2HN/A ipod is not just portable and  also can be clipped to your shirt. It sets icon to listen music on ipod.

Apple MKMG2HN/A ipod or 2G shuffle comes with large capacity of 2GB. It holds more than 200 songs.The 2G shuffle is a portable device and use like a pocket computer.
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  • It’s capacity is 2 GB
  • Frequency response is 20HZ to 20,000HZ
  • It has supported audio format like AAC ,protected AAC,MP3,VBR
  • Built in rechargeable lithium –ion battery
  • Upto 15 hours of playback after charging
  • Charging via USB to computer system or power adapter
  • 29 voice over languages
  • In the box provided ipod shuffle: Apple earphones: ipod shuffle USB cable; quick start guide

Advantages of Apple MKMG2HN/A ipod

Apple MKMG2HN/A ipod

  • Apple MKMG2HN/A ipod  is a Very nice and attractive device .once you get you can’t forget it.
  • This Apple MKMG2HN/A ipod simple to operate, no complicated procedure
  •  Apple MKMG2HN/A ipod has a very clear sound and sound is loud enough.
  • Earbuds provided by Apple work fine .and they have the controls.
  • They have noise cancellation as you couldn’t hear anything when you use them.
  • Those who travelling, It is the most comfortable music player to carry around

Extra Features Of Apple MKMG2HN/A ipod

Apple MKMG2HN/A ipod

  • Music: -And storage up to 100 to 200 songs .Storage capacity is up to 200 songs. Ipod shuffle has upto 15 hours of battery life so that you never miss your favourite track.
  • Buttons: Apple MKMG2HN/A ipod  has a clickable buttons, which makes easy to play songs.
  • Voice : -Press the voice button and ipod shuffle speaks the songs title, playlist or artist name or battery status in one of 29 languages.
  • Design:- It is very light in weight to carry. Apple 2 GB ipod is not just portable it also can be clipped to your shirt. It sets icon to listen music on ipod. It comes in your favourite colors.

 Reliability and durability

Apple MKMG2HN/A ipod  shuffle have a good reliability and durability. It has a very short life span. People  thought that ipod have a very short time period. They thought that any audio player is better than ipod.

But theydon’t know about the ipod’s flexibility and durability. But now a days everyone is aware of the ipod.

How ipod is usefull, how  it is easy to carry, how it is easy to handle, how portable it is. They also aware that ipod comes in very low range.

Ipod volume


Apple MKMG2HN/A ipod

Apple introduces a user configurable volume limit in response to concern about hearing loss. User report that in using Apple ipod the maximum volume output level is limited.

It has been said that these new ipod came with an updated software that allowed this change. Previous ipods are unable to update to this software version.

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