Bluedio T2 Hurricane Over-Ear Wireless Stereo Headphone

Bluedio T2 Headset Earphone

 Bluedio T2 Headset Earphone is on demanding. Since there is growing popularity of Chinese manufacturers. So several Chinese brands are slowly making the Indian shores.

Bluedio T2 Headset Earphone is a portable audio device. It provides solutions for professional audio and wireless communication. So it is wireless headphone.

The Bluedio has owned over 30 patents. So it is highly praised by consumers in over 34 countries. Also, It has the newest ergonomic design of wireless stereo headphone. Because of the artificial leather, memory foam is for ensure comfortable wearing. It is best over ear headset.

Because of the artificial leather, memory foam is for ensure comfortable wearing. It is best over ear headset. Bit defender Internet Security 2017 Lebenslang-Edition schützt Ihren PC Auf Lebenszeit

Furthermore, the engineers have spent two years in creating T2 ultra-big speaker. Since they try to bring the best music experience ever. Because of this, it has rich, strong bass, crisp and clear high Bluedio T2 Headset Earphone.headphone.

Connectivity and Design Bluedio T2 Headset Earphone

Since the earphone has the latest dynamic design. So it is very cool headphones. At the edge of the right cup, volume buttons, power buttons are placed. Also Best sounding Bluedio T2 Headset Earphone.

Therefore, it is the helpful rocker for play, forward and back. So this headset earphone is the best PC gadget.

Since the Bluedio T2 Hurricane wireless stereo headphone have the latest Bluetooth version 4.1 chip on the ear headphones. So it transmits data at very high speed. In addition, it gives the smooth music experience.

The Bluedio T2 Headset Earphone follows the ergonomics theory. The noise reduction headphone for work.

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Since T2 is a Bluetooth headset. Bluedio T2 Headset Earphone is fit for all head sizes. So it feels comfortable to wear. The best over ear headphones for working out.

Bluedio T2 Bluetooth Headphones are mainly made of plastic, leather and metal

, first of all, I’ll recommend you to try the Bluedio T2 Bluetooth Headphones first. also Great price, build, sound, battery life and connectivity makes these headphones a must have if you love watching HD movies or listening to music on the go.

Specification of Bluedio T2 Headset Earphone       Bluedio T2 Headset Earphone

    • Headphone with microphon
    • Diameter up to 2.24 inches
    • 57 mm drivers
    • 195 degree rotary folding
    • Bluedio T2 Headset Earphone can foldset
    • 57 mm ultra-big speaker
    • Indicator light
    • Built in mike
    • Top rated over ear headphones
    • Best sounding headphone

Features Bluedio T2 Headset Earphone

Bluedio T2 Headset Earphone                    Bluedio T2 Headset Earphone

  • Bluedio impedance is 16 ohms
  • Easy to drive by smart phones, tablets, PCs.
  • The latest Bluetooth Version 4.1, brings top speed, power saving, enhanced transmission
  • Compatible with Android and Microsoft
  • Perfect match for 4G.
  • Standby time is up to 1625 hours.
  • Line-out audio to share music.
  • Buttons placed on the edge of the right cup.


Bluedio T2 Headset Earphone

  • More portable, it is easy to carry and it consumes less space.
  • Also this More comfortable to wear and with reinforced headband.
  • Bluedio T2 Headset Earphone Bluetooth headset
  • Enjoy music even battery runs low.
  • Requires low power which ensures the long lasting battery life
  • Works well with most of the mobile phones like Motorola, iPhone, etc.
  • Built in mike.
  • Turbine 2 light weighted
  • Feels comfortable to wear.
  • Warranty Details: 1 year warranty provided by the manufacturer
  • Top wireless headphone


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