Making wireless call easily by Jabra BT2046

Jabra-bt 2046 headphone

Jabra BT 2046 headphone

 Jabra corporation has founded by 1983 by inventer Elwood “Woody” Norris.The new Jabra BT 2046 headphone is the perfect way to get the most out our busy calls.

This is the best wireless headphone .Jabra bt 2046 headphone is also known as a bluetooth headset. also it is made to be paired easily with your mobile phone and is easy to operate.
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With it’s new improved look, Jabra bt 2046 headphone provide a special feature which allow to choose whether it with an earhook or without an earhook. Because of it’s special features make it a best wireless headphone.

With it’s attractive and user-friendly design, makes wireless calling easy. Also this headphone is a noise cancelling.




Jabra bt 2046 headphone                 Jabra bt 2046 headphone


You can take and make your calls easy via bluetooth connection. Bluetooth also make your  smartphone easy to contol and operate. It is a bluetooth headset.

It has a bluetooth version 2.1.Bluetooth supports for wireless connectivity.


It has A2DP music player but it does not support advanced audio.This device can not play music therefore it is a noise cancelling.

It has a charging interface micro USB.

This has auto pair,with auto pairing, device pair automatically connect with bluetooth device.

Bluetooth supports for bluetooth for wireless connectivity.


Jabra bt 2046 headphone has no volume buttons,But the product has a physical on/off button.

This device provides voice languages like chinese, japanese etc…

This headphone is known for it’s special features and i.e. auto connectivity.
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The product will automatically connect with a nearby paired device.


Jabra bt 2046 headphone has a  narrow band speakers and a narrow band frequency. This feature makes a device noise cancelling.

The device does not utilize digital signal processing (DSP).


It has a no mute or the unmute function.This device is a noise cancelling device so it will

help you like when you are in office or you are bit busy.

Battery and power

It’s battery is capable of a maximum power capacity of talk time up to 8 hours.When  a device is fully charged  and runs out of the battery it’s maximum hours capacity of talk time is 8 hours.

This device is not able to charged  via USB cable.

The device maximum standby time is Up to 240 hours, the device remain powered on.


Jabra bt 2046 headphone wearing style is in ear as like other headset.

It’s weight is 0.34 oz.

It’s Headset dimensions are measured in L 2.1 x W 0.6 x H 1.0 in inches.


Jabra BT 2046 headphone makes life easy:

Jabra-BT 2046


While in Safe driving

while in a driving ,safety driving calls is of outmost importance at Jabra bt 2046 headphone.

Jabra bt 2046 headphone making in true hands-free convenience, you can drive safely, keeping in touch , making your calls without wires with both hands on the wheel.

Make the most of your calls

Whether  at home or on the go, get the most out of your calls in time with the Jabra bt 2046 headphone. It has a great sound quality on all your calls.

The Jabra bt 2046 headphone delivers a solid performance  and an appealing design at a great price all in one package.

Get the more information of this Bluetooth Headset and enjoy with it.

  Thanks for reading our article. This product available for purchase on Amazon