Come on, let’s make a delicious coffee with Prestige Drip Coffee Maker

Prestige Automatic Drip Coffee Maker

Prestige Coffee Maker group was founded by Razack Sattar and started Prestige house for men in 1950 as a tailoring shop. It’s journey began from the retail business. Since Prestige is the best sellers in the market.

This time Prestige introduces a Prestige Automatic Drip, Coffee Maker.The Prestige automatic drip coffee maker is the best option to make a delicious coffee.



More about the Prestige Automatic Drip Coffee Maker:

They offer products at affordable price and they have a biggest commercial market in the world.There are a number of available in the market by Prestige.
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This time Prestige going to introduce Prestige Automatic Drip Coffee Maker for the coffee lovers.

So by using Prestige Automatic Drip Coffee Maker, we can make delicious coffee at any time. This is the best coffee machine.

This time Prestige introduces a new model (Prestige PCMD 2.0 41855 400- Watt Drip coffee Maker(black)) especially for those who is a drip coffee lover.

      Prestige Automatic Drip Coffee Maker

Product description:


  •  This Prestige Automatic drip coffee maker makes a coffee filter with a great taste.


  • Product Dimensions: 11.8 x 12.4 x 20.4 cm ; 576 g


  • Prestige Automatic Drip Coffee Maker makes a  1 or 2 cups of coffee at a time.


  • Prestige Automatic Drip Coffee Maker provide advanced mesh filter, anti-drip mechanism, and water level indicator.


  • This machine has a very compact design. So it is easy to install it.


  • The machine is very light weight. So it is quite handy and makes the best coffee machine.


  • Its Warranty is 1 year.


Prestige Automatic Drip Coffee Maker

  •  It comes with Compact and more advanced design.


  • This coffee maker has an excellent capacity and a drop proof on/off switch


  • It has an anti-drip valve and brew basket with filter handle


  • Its power consumption is 400 watts and also it has an operating voltage 230 volts


  • Include: coffee maker, instruction manual, and warranty card



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  •  This product is as easy as to be handle. It comes in a verity of shapes. So it requires less space.This is the best coffee machine.


  •  The Prestige automatic coffee maker comes with a very low price. So as you can afford it easily.


  •  It comes with an advanced design and consumes a less space.


  •  According to your need, you can make your coffee. So obviously get a fresh coffee. With a single cup coffee Maker.


  • It is easy to clean than the other common drip style method. Since there are few elements to clean, less staining and generally less mess from the entire process.




    Other main features:


  • The Prestige PCMD 2.0 comes to your home with a new age filter which separates it from the others competitors in the market.It is the best coffee machine


  • The issue of the decoction which is normally witnessed in the other coffee makers has been taken care of. Makes sure that you get nothing but the best when it comes to tastes and aroma.


  • It has the additional steamer nozzle. Because of this, it gives the perfect cup of coffee.


  •  A jar made using German Borosilicate heat resistant glass which makes it long lasting and more heat resistant. This reduces material stress caused due to high temperature, thus making it more resistant to breakage.



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