Prestige: The best sandwich maker


 The best cooking equipment for making a delicious sandwich is the Prestige Sandwich Maker. Since the PGMFB 800-Watt Grill Sandwich Toaster is manufactured by TTK Prestige limited.

The Prestige is leading brand in the electronic gadget. Since the Prestige sandwich Maker is the best dealer among the all other companies.

The prestige sandwich maker is the best sandwich maker in India.

Since they offer products at affordable price and user-friendly.

In addition, they provide the safe and secure product. Since the prestige grill sandwich maker price is less. So it is available at a low price as compared to other.

The Prestige Sandwich Maker consumes 800 W power and operational voltage is 200-240 V. Since the sandwich maker with detachable plates.

So it is easy to clean it. The Prestige Sandwich Maker has adjustable height control. So we can adjust its height easily. Since the Prestige Sandwich Maker user-friendly.

It has heat and shock resistant body. Since the Prestige Sandwich Maker cum toaster is non-stick. Because of this not to worry about sticking the sandwich to the plate.

So by using Prestige Sandwich Maker make a perfect delicious sandwich at home.

         Prestige Sandwich Maker



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Specifications of Prestige Sandwich Maker:

Prestige Sandwich Maker

  • Brand name –    Prestige


  • Color –        Black


  • Power Consumption- 800W


  • Operational Voltage-  200-240V


  • Cooking plates-       Fixed non-stick grill plates


  • Adjustable height control


  • Non-skid Feet


  • Durable body


  • Integrated light indicator


  • Includes-   Instruction manual



Features of Prestige Sandwich Maker:


Prestige Sandwich Maker              Prestige Sandwich Maker



  • Sandwich maker cum toaster- It is two in one device. Since one is toast the bread and other is make the delicious sandwiches.


  • Shock and solid heat resistant body– Prestige Sandwich Maker have heat resistant body. So it remains cool, at the time of use.


  • Fast service-In this sandwich maker at a time it can toast two sandwiches.


  • Adjustable Height – Adjustable height makes maintenance of the product easy.


  • Fixed and deep non-stick grill plates- The product has non-stick grills which are very solid and durable. So the non-stick grill plates prevent the bread from sticking onto the plates. Since the non-stick grill body uses less quantity of oil. So it gives a tasty, delicious and healthy sandwich. So The grill plate requires low maintenance at any time of spillage.


  • Lock mechanism- The product comes with lid lock. So the lid lock keeps the sandwich maker tightly closed. It is the best cooking equipment.


  • LED indicator- The LED indicator keep glowing to show the progress of sandwiches is going on. So we can get perfect golden brown grilled sandwiches.


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Advantages of Prestige Sandwich Maker:

Prestige Sandwich Maker                Prestige Sandwich Maker



  • Prevents the sandwich from overcooked or burnt by the light indicator.


  • Required less time to make a sandwich.


  • Light in weight and easy to handle.


  • Informs you the progress of grilling.


  • To serve several different purposes and cook a wide variety of dishes.


  • In rain days, a great alternative to an outdoor grill.


 Safety precaution of Prestige Sandwich Maker:

      • Do not touch the hot surface, always use the handle or knobs for holding the sandwich
      • Necessary to close the supervision.
      • The device not in use or at the time of cleaning the device, unplug from the outlet.
      • Allow it to cool at the time of putting on or taking off parts


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