Go everywhere with your devices charged up by Ambrane power bank

Ambrane Power Bank

Ambrane Power Bank have become a need in today’s age, where people want their smartphones running round the clock. There are several power banks in the market.

Since  Ambrane India one of the leading IT brands in computer peripherals, Mobile Accessories and No.1 in Power Banks Brings in its latest and greatest power bank the P-2000.

Ambrane Power Bank  P-2000 is clad in White with Grey Mosaic built, simple and high capacity, with easy to handle body, and seamlessly splicing design for everyday use. if you want something stylish that packs plenty of power ,then P-2000 could be it.

So Ambrane  Power Bank is not only efficient but technologically intuitive as well. Its multiple chip set protection provides better security features.


Charging  Phone Using Ambrane Power Bank

Ambrane Power Bank     Ambrane Power Bank


Ambrane Power Bank comes with triple output – Standard USB-A connector 5V/1A and 5V/2.1A, 5V/2.1A with a micro input of USB 5V /1.5A (Max) to charge your multiple devices simultaneously. Also It requires overnight charging time and battery life cycle is 500 times.

A monster capacity that will keep most families going for a weekend, or a single person for a week’s road trip, the triple fast charging for both input and output, and no-frills design, making it the right combination of being portable and powered.

Now live a life free of hassles with this Ambrane Power Bank which widely compatible with all the smart phones and other gadgets. In addition it protects from over current, over heat or over voltage.

Batter  capacity indicates that in case you are using a Smartphone with battery of 2500mAh then,you can charge this phone approx. 5 times in a day.

Ambrane Power Bank Brand which manufactures Power Banks in India ranging from 2200 mAh – 20800 mAh. Using the state of the art technology.

Check while purchase Ambrane Power Bank

Marking Capacity: Marking capacity is the value written on power banks. Generic power banks are selling mostly using this technique. The total capacity of the power bank is varied from the marking capacity.

Real Capacity : This is the value or output of power bank. Actually those so called best branded power bank’s output is equal to the value written over power banks.

Phone Battery Health : Health of phone battery is very strong when you buy anew. Day by day phone battery health is getting reduced naturally and due to some irregular charging, heat and battery quality etc.


Ambrane Power Bank

Ambrane Power Bank


Conversion Rate : Technically, all Ambrane Power Banks doesn’t produce output as printed on the catalog. There is some loss in efficiency due to AC to DC conversion loss, Heat generation and power loss.

Total charge times for a particular phone = 10000*0.9*0.8/2500 = 2.88 times. Approximately that power bank can charge up your phone for 3 times.

Before you come to a conclusion about the approximate charge, it is very important to know about the type of power bank you own, or are going to purchase.


Feature of Ambrane Power Bank

Ambrane Power Bank  Ambrane Power Bank


  • White with grey Mosaic power Bank.
  • Triple output (Ports 1A, 2.1A and 2.1A) available  Ambrane power bank.
  • 20800mAh Samsung/LG cells  battery use.
  • Easily to carry Ambrane Power Bank.
  • Shield from high temperature, Short circuit.
  • Inbuilt LED indicator and torch.
  • Charged Smart phones 7 to 8 times.
  • Withstand 500 power cycles.


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