Nilox DOC Skate Electric Skateboard

boosted Electric Skateboard

Nilox DOC Electric Skateboard is a new way to travel one station to another.If you stay and there is no public transport is not efficient at that time you can use Nilox Electric Skateboard.  This is not first or last Electric Skateboard but you can think at least one time.

This can be design as per street level as well as modern technology using gyroscope, accelerometer, and algorithm. The rider on the DOC Skate will feel as though he or she is travelling to smooth surface.


Nilox DOC Electric Skateboard modes for driving:-

  • Slow mode which is use for entry level users having speed 6 km/h in 3 seconds.
  • Speed mode which is uses by experience level having speed 15 km/h in 5 seconds.

Skateboard is fully charged in 2.5 hr and guaranty that it will travel 25 km. I f you travelling every day minimum 5 km, so it is give minimum 5 day of working life.

It can easily control by remote control, where rider to select the direction the mode. It is also you can move forward and reverse .Nilox DOC Skate is available in different options and characteristics. Choose the one that fits your needs the best and receive it at home in a few days.

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Advantages of an Nilox Electric Skateboard

1. Don’t Have to Push It

Don't Push skateboard

  • For long distance it is more difficult to push your skateboard. To avoiding this disadvantage introduce a battery in skateboard.
  • By attached battery in skateboard we will not need to push it. The battery charge one time fully and run 25 km.
  • TheNilox electric board is designed to be safe and comfortable, so there’s no worrying about burn out while traveling.
  • The wide, rubberized wheels have a strong grip on the concrete beneath, which creates an exceptionally smooth ride.


2. Control over Your Speed

skates electric

  • The Nilox electric skateboards can go 15 km/h, whether you’re going downhill, staying on flat land or even going up a steep incline.
  • The remote gives you controlling power for slow and fast moving.


3. Go to hill with Minimum Effort

  • Ask any skateboarder if they like pushing up hills and they’ll probably all say it’s one of the worst parts about skateboarding.
  • While it may be a good exercise, if you’re using your skateboard as an alternative vehicle, then you might not want to arrive at your destination looking like you just left the gym.
  • Nilox electric skateboards can go 25 km/h on a single charge.

4. So Much Fun

boosted dual

  • The best part about having an electric skateboard is how much fun it is.
  • Being able to carve uphill is definitely something that not all skaters get to experience.
  • Plus, the whole time your board will be doing the hard work, meaning that you can focus on enjoying the journey and taking in the beauty of the world around you.



5. Specifications:skates boards electric

– Speed                       : 25km/h
– Distance full charge  : 25km
– Recharge time          : 2.5h




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