Targus Reveals Powered Docking Stations For Improved

targus power bank

Powered Docking Stations 

Targus portable dual USB power bank use to power your iPods, i-phone, smart-phone, tablets etc. Targus charges two devices at a time whenever power is needed to your device.

The battery capacity is used to charge 10 hours more to use your devices. The battery uses 3-LEDs which use to give the power light. It is very thin that help to carry.


targus power bank

Build Quality in Power Bank:-

This power bank made by good quality and solidly constructed. It is made with good plastic and good reliability. It is compact and easy to handle and carry. 




Due to 8, 400 mAh, power bank. You can charge 2000 mAh batteries almost 4 times quicker.

It is a two port device first one for “Universal” and also other port for “iDevice”. You can charge two devices at a time.



 About Device:-

Targus power bank is portable with high capacity. This device is used by the best company supplying batteries with a first class chip. It performance like metrics safety efficiency, compatibility, and also other things.


  1. Before the first use first charge it fully.
  2. Use it own cable via charging. It reduces the damages.
  3. During charging the digital devices LED may burn so reduce this we can charge it quickly.
  4. When you connect it to the digital device it charges quickly.
  5. After charging it fully immediate disconnects it from the power supply and then use it.



Security Sticker:-

Each genuine battery has a safety label and also other details on the back side of a battery. From the back side see the serial number and also check it on a website.



Warranty Rejection:-

  1. Warranty on this device is only for one year.
  2. The completion or maintains fall, neglect, accident and breaking then warranty has been expired.




Brand                      : Targus,

Battery Capacity   : 8400 milliamp hours,

Model Name          : APB031AP-50,

Dimension             : 10.1 x 2.3 x 6.4 cm,

Unit weight            : 194 g,

LED Indicator        : Yes,

Connectors           : Dual USB,

Max Input              : 5.0 V up to 1A,

Output                   : 5.0 V up to 2.1A,

Color                     : Black,

Power Source      : USB Adaptor,

Number of Port    : 2


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