The Best Wireless Gaming Headsets

wireless gaming headsets

Plantronics is one of the best company producing wireless gaming headsets. Plantronics products sell wireless gaming headsets through worldwide network area.

Over 50 years, Plantronics has been on the forefront of audio innovation, for removing the barriers to simple, clear communication.Hence Plantronics wireless gaming headsets are best and over the bad wireless connection.

The wireless gaming headsets headset makes a nice point of mounting things you’ll be using a lot, like volume controls, microphone mute, and also a toggle between 2.0 and 7.1 operation modes directly on the left cup.

This is certainly better than having a dangling dongle that you’re constantly trying to find while playing.




Specifications of wireless gaming headsets

wireless gaming headsets

  • Brand – Plantronics
  • Height – 23.2 centimeters
  • Width – 26.2 centimeters
  • Item weight – 540gram
  • Product dimensions – 10.9 x 26.2 x 23.2 cm
  • Item model no – GAMECOM788
  • Surround – Software for Dolby Headphone Technologies7.1 channels
  • On-Ear Controls – Dolby Surround switch Volume wheel Mic mute
  • Drivers – 40mm
  • Freq. Response – 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Mic. Freq. Response – 100Hz – 8kHz
  • Cable Length – 6.5ft/2m
  • Interface – USB
  • Compatibility – Windows / Mac



Advantages of wireless gaming headsets

    • There are three obstacles in the way of wireless gaming headsets – price, latency, and batteries. They are less expensive than others.


      • When it comes to the battery problem wireless gaming headsets proves to be best to overcome this battery problem. They do not exhibit the hint of latency.


    • It has the good sound quality among the other headsets which is affordable to all.


    • You can easily adjust the volume without taking off your eyes the screen. You can be heard your comments and know Plantronics wireless gaming headsets are best than other headsets.


    • wireless gaming headsetsEveryone can enjoy the music as well as feel the music when listening through Plantronics gaming wireless headsets. The sound quality assured by the GAMECON788 headsets are best and just feeling like natural sound quality.


    • When you are focusing on the game or any disturbance occurred you can mute the mike boom control on the game.


    • It Contains the superhero- strength cords and joints. You can easily create mini speakers by dropping the headphones around your neck by rotating ear cups.


    • Since It provides the stunning 7.1 sound quality from a headphone.



Additional Features of wireless gaming headsets


wireless gaming headsets



  • Frequency range – 100Hz – 8kHz
  • Service and support –  1-year limited warranty
  • Connection –  USB
  • Speaker frequency response –  20Hz – 20kHz








You can enjoy the games, chat, and music while wearing headphones so comfortably that you will feel like you are not wearing any headphones.

So teammates or the opponents can easily hear your order which is easy to your success.

You can also easily connect to your PC or Mac and enjoy digital clarity from USB connection. One can easily and clearly feel every bit of action around you and hear opponents before they see you.

One can easily and clearly feel every bit of action around you and hear opponents before they see you.

So it can Bragg an audio transmit distance up to 40 ft offering 10 hours of wireless gameplay after four hours of total charge time.Help Your Feet Feel Better With Gravity Defyer Comfort Shoes. Shop Now!

Since when the boom is raised the microphone is automatically getting mute.

Hence Plantronics proves to be loyal and trustful among the customers for dealing the best products.


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