Rock your world with Bose Wave IV Music System

Bose Wave IV Music System

While it comes to Bose Wave IV Music System devices,so there is no doubt to go for Bose music system. Since couple of decades Bose Wave IV Music System is providing a high technology system. To perform better for good customer satisfaction.

In creating the follow-up to its original Wave radio/CD player. and Bose was on a mission to keep the unit the same size while improving its sound quality. also  which can present a serious challenge when it comes to a  of equipment that includes speaker.

The Bose Solo is more of a sound box than a sound bar having been design by Bose to sit underneath your in front of it so This  where the TV stand  on top of the unit. eliminates the problem of the sound bar on the screen.

In addition Bose Wave IV Music System  also decide to replace the top-loading CD player. so with a  front-loading one and did away with all the buttons on the unit to enhance.

Styling and keep things as simple as possible the new Wave is available in two colours platinum white and slate Gray.

Bose Wave IV Music System

Manufacturer company Bose says, The  Wave IV Music System features award-winning Bose wave guide speaker technology for clear, high-performance sound.

It comes with a CD player and AM/FM radio tuner with text capability for song and artist information. Optional Bluetooth adaptor lets you wireless stream music from your smart phone or tablet.

Bose music system arrives with features like Exclusive wave guide speaker technology delivers high-performance sound, CD/ MP3 CD player; advanced AM/FM tuner with onscreen text display of song and artist information.wave music system are available to home theatre,Bose, speaker smart phone in available.

Specialised product for wave music system

Car audio




In 1983 Bose Wave IV Music System introduced the  factory installed sound system 1983 Cadillac Eldorado.

While Some automotive manufactured that have used in the currently used Bose car audio  are Audi, Mazda.


Electro Force


Bose Wave IV Music System In 2004 Bose  company  related to the development, manufacture and sales of materials testing equipment.

founding the Electro Force Systems Group, which provides materials testing and  simulation instruments to research institutions, universities.

Bose Wave IV Music System.the electro force system  group is provides to be instrument.and damage of music instrument repaire and testing to instrument in this place.

Professional audio systems


Due to Bose Professional designs and manufactures audio components for AV system integrator and consultants. So that specify and install sound systems for  and portable settings such as stadiums, houses of worship.

Bose Wave IV Music System Hence You will rock the world with input for other sources, Slim credit card-style remote operates all functionalist music system is rock and performing to rocking style.In dj performance to Bose music system.

use touch-top control for on/off/snooze and Optional Bluetooth music.therefore adaptor to wireless connect your Smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth device.

Bose music system to connect with headset and smart phone.

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