Now groom easily with Philips Trimmer

Nowadays, Beards are setting new fashion trends for men. There are many grooming styles for men can be available. Phillips Trimmer, a well famous brand in electronics appliances is also captured their market in grooming products like Philips Trimmer.

Since Phillips is now come with its latest Philips Trimmer to set your fashion statement as you desire. So Phillips Trimmer not only can help you to save your time and efforts on your business trips, also provides good quality with greatest features.

According to instructions supplied with the units, the shaving heads need cleaning every 2 months and replacing every 18 months. However, not all Philips spare parts will fit well on all Philips shavers.

Discover how Phillips Beard Trimmers & grooming products help you flaunt the beard style you want! Learn how you can Play it cool with our Pro Skin Trimmer.

It arrives with Skin-friendly performance, Effortless Trimming, Long lasting and Superior cutting performance.

The mechanics of a beard Trimmer involves rotatory mechanics, crafted with a mini size motor, which rounds at a very fast speed.

Since Trimmer taking care of such facial hair is almost as hard as having to clean shave every day. With uneven growth and only the human eye to guide your shave and creating truly defined, sharp facial hair styles can quickly become a nightmare.

In this Philips Trimmer include a 100 percent waterproof casing, allowing you to use it during your morning shower and rinse it under the tap to clean.


Philips Trimmer Blade

Philips Trimmer  Philips Trimmer

These blades deliver flawless and expert cutting. With a precision of 0.5mm, you can easily trim your 3-day beard or full beard with ease with this excellent trimmer. The titanium-coated stainless steel material keeps the blades protected from rusting and corrosion, and also helps in easy cleaning of the blades.

The Philips Trimmer Blade is extremely simple to use, projecting a single line onto the face which allows the user to follow along in a completely straight line- perfect for tidying up sideburns, sculpting cheek/neck lines and creating definition through out the style.


Philips Trimmer Charger

Philips TrimmerPhilips Trimmer

The Ni-MH Battery type use in Philips Trimmer.  With an 1 hour of charge, it gives up to 90 minutes of cordless use.

Additionally, the trimmer sports a battery status light indicator, where, the light appears green when the trimmer is fully charged.  It blinks orange when the battery is low, and then blinks green while charging.

    Features of Philips Trimmer


  • Discover the Philips beard trimmers. Learn why these beard Trimmers suit your needs.
  • Two styles available for Philips Trimmer short beard and stubble look
  • The Provided 2-year guarantee service, worldwide voltage ,no oil needed.
  • This Trimmer Blade 32 mm cutter width.
  • 20 Number of length setting in Philips Trimmer.




     Advance Features of Phillips Trimmer


  • Use the unique laser guide for precise, symmetrical results.
  • Dual- Sided reversible trimmer for ultimate versatility.
  • 60 minutes cordless use after a one-hour charge, or plug it in.
  • Skin – friendly high- performance blades for the perfect trim.


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