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havells water heater

Havells Water Heater: so the Havells India Limited is a leading Fast Moving Electrical Goods Company most of the  all water heater brands in India. so Customer believe in the best  quality of products and quicker service, also it has minimum customer complaints and highest customer satisfaction.

Also Havells water heaters meet the  customer across the country. energy efficient electric water heater is available with a BEE rating of 5 Star. also this give best water heater service.

Havells Water Heater

havells water heater         havells water heater


Havells water heater aim to make life easier more comfortable. You should not to make choice between convenience and performance. For so this Havells water heater is best choice where you will not compromise the water heater quality .

Havells water heater is design  contemporary, tasteful design, progressive features and water tubes with whirl flow technology. so the Equipped with India’s first integrated shock resistant plug that cuts power in case of any current leakage along with superior Fiberglas technology,

Also that protects the inner tank of your water heater from corrosion and rust. because Havells products are the right choice for all your needs.It is equipped with adjustable knob for temperature settings, heating indicator lamp and it ensures high level of protection to the electrical parts from water splashing.



  • It is energy saving high density.
  • high energy saving PUF insulation of this heater.
  • also excellent  protection against radiant heat loss.
  • so there warranty of 2 years
  • also Star rated water heater as per BEE standard
  • It is available with a warranty of 2 years.

Following features are equipped with Havells water heater

havells water heater

Fiberglas coating inner container

  1. Made of ultra thick super cold rolled steel plates
  2. also Provides superior corrosion resistance and ‘anti-rust property’ resulting in longer life compared to standard inner container designs
  3. Tough enough to withstand high pressure rating up to 8 bars

Lincoln glass coated heating element

so,Lincoln glass coated heating element offers superior heating performance with its excellent resistance to both oxidation and canonization at high temperature setting. Also resists corrosion against extreme and hard water conditions thus extending life span of heating elements with minimum energy loss.

Anode rod protects tank from corrosion

The tank has an anode rod with a stainless steel core so that is designed to protect the tank from corrosive elements. also The system uses special catalyst action to fight the corrosive elements which in turn prolongs the life of the water heater.

 Shock resistant plug

India’s first integrated shock resistant plug so is designed to prevent injury to humans due to electric shocks, also the plug will cut off the power immediately in case of any current leakage.

0.8 MP high working pressure

Suitable for high rise buildings and pressure pump applications. the multi function valve pressure to increase beyond 8 Bar

Whirl flow technology 

water tubes with whirl flow technology, so  that helps in saving energy. also It avoids direct contact between cold and hot water flow for a faster heating and optimized energy saving effecting 20% more hot water output.

Electric water heater maintenance

  • Dial Down the Temperature
  • Test the T&P (temperature and pressure) Relief Valve
  • Do a Mini-Flush

Water heater installation

You will be provided a water heater installation guide.

Havells Monza EC 5S 10-Liter Storage Water Heater is best water heater in 10 l water heater category.

All these features makes this a no 1 water Heater in India.

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 Havells Water Heater