Best Kenstar AC For Hot Days


Kenstar is popular brand for home appliances. Kenstar AC is one of the trustworthy brands from last 20 year for an air conditioner.

In market, many brands available of AC but this company provide good service and quality to their customer.The air flow of this kenstar  AC is very cooling also pretty fast.

The air flowing through kenstar AC in one direction.The horizontal swing needs to be adjusted to set the air flow in all the directions and leave the room cool.

Kenstar AC design looks very attractive and amazing. It is easy to install and maintenance cost is low then another air conditioner.

Kenstar AC is available in white color and it is Small portable AC. Kenstar air conditioner working is very easy to use.

They provide one year warranty and give free service during the warranty period. They maintain the very good relationship with their customer for better service.


kenstar ac


Features Of Kenstar AC

  • Brand of AC is Kenstar
  • Model name is KSM35 WN1-MDA/QDL
  • Energy Efficiency of AC is 5 Star Rating
  • The capacity of AC is 1 tons
  • Installation Type is Split it is best to split air conditioner
  • It available in White Color
  • In that ac Remote Control available
  • The Voltage required to AC is 230 Volts
  • The Wattage required is 995 Watt
  • Central air conditioner installation easy

Specification of Kenstar AC

  • Capacity– It has 1-ton capacity and it require low power with 5-star rating
  • Antibacterial filter- It removes fungus or dust due to water and it acts as a barrier between bacteria and modem.
  • De-humidification– It controls the humidity of the room and also removes the moisture with the help of moisture remover.
  • Panel display- It shows digital display. So you can easily handle and change the temperature.
  • Auto mode– Must set a timer before you get to sleep and also it gets automatically off when room temperature cooling down.
  • Noise level- Noise level is low than another air conditioner that is 33 DB
  • Auto clean– It also has auto clean and auto swing features.
  • Remote – It also  provide remote control to operate air conditioner.
  • The speed of cooling- This AC is powerful and quick to cooling room temperature only you need to switch turbo mode on.
  • Design- It looks is great and also it blends well with different background colors.

Safety precautions of Kenstar AC

Kenstar ac          Kenstar ac

      • Joint must be avoided in AC wire
      • Never use AC units on normal plug point or temporary extension board
      • Keep the doors and window closed because it loss the cooling temperature
      • you also Use air conditioner fan at low speed
      • Always keep clean inner cooler
      • Always check inner fluid

 Maintain Temperature

Increase temperature by remote does not reduce the comfort level so ideal temperature for comfort to cooling room temperature t is between 23.5o C and 25.5o in the summer season.

Thus maintain the temperature to 24oC save the electricity bill and also provides a good comfort zone.
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Warranty On AC

      • You get  1-year warranty on comprehensive
      •  In that 4 years warranty  on compressor


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