Usha Heat Convector to enjoy warmth air

Usha Heat Convector  FH812T  is a portable heater that has three heating positions and two fan speed options that allow you to adjust the temperature very easily.

These Usha Heat Convector height can be adjusted to direct heat to a specific area of the room. Usha Heat Convector has own night light indicator that is useful in the night.

It has an in-built thermal cut-out feature as a safety measure, which is ideal to combat excessive voltage fluctuations that might take place.It also has a twin-blade fan for better heat distribution

This Usha Heat Convector room heater is available in black and it built-in stand.

Usha heater also has copper conductors in its cord. This cord is has a PVC cover and has a three-pin mounded plug.

Method of heating Usha Heat Convector


usha heat convector            usha heat convector

  • Room heaters use variety of mechanisms and technologies to provide warmth. In this a fan blows air towards a heating coil/panel.
  • Usha Heat Convector heats a room from top-down and any other sides in room. The air gets heated as it comes in contact with hot coils of the heater.
  • The warm air rises up and spreads across space to heat the room evenly.
  • The usha heat convector air cools, drops and once again passes though the hot coils of the heater.
  • The Usha heat convector hot air gets circulated all around the room.

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Feature of Convector

General  Feature

  • Brand of heat converter is Usha and Model 812 T
  • It is available in Color Grey                    usha heat convector

Power  Feature

  • The Power required is 230V
  • The Power Consumption is Low  1000W and High is 2000W

Other  Feature

  • There is Variable heating positions available
  • Adjustable height and Thermostat also available



  • The Frequency is 50, AC Single Phase
  • There Safety Thermal Cut Out availableusha heat convector
  • 3 Heating Positions also available
  • Cord  Copper conductors and  PVC sheathed
  • There  3 pin mounded plug



  • The biggest advantage of this Usha Heat Convector is their ability to heat up room evenly.
  • It also maintain the temperature of each room and  controlled individually.
  • Usha heat convector create no noise  and as a result room heating very silent and maintain the temperature.


Safety precautions

usha heat convector

  • Place the heater away from area where people walk.
  • Place it away from inflammable materials.
  • Ensure to keep children away from heater so when it’s on.
  • Don’t use heater for heating food, drying hair and clothes, and so forth.
  • First Turn off heater when you leave the room.
  • Ensure water doesn’t get near the heater.
  • Try not to use a power extension cable with the heater.
  • place the heater different level and to connect only switch.


 Box Contents

  • Main Unit
  • Also content Warranty Card
  • Also provide User Manual



1 Year Manufacturer Warranty on Usha Heat Convector

usha heat convector

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