Entairtaining Projector With Multiple Input

Unic UC46 Projector

Unic UC46 Projector is an famous brand in India .The company aim of ” QUALITY first, CONSUMERS first, SERVICE first”. so this brand lunch Unic UC46 Projector.and Unic UC46 Projector it easy to use.

The Unic UC46 Projector company is located in HYDERABAD province. It is one of the suppliers of machine, industrial. Since this company make by product electrical, gadgets, home were product, fingerprint machine. Since content can be easily pushed in the projector from mobile.

The UNIC uc46 is the company latest projector. Unic UC46 Projector the new model add uni-ink, that allows to stream multimedia via wifi.

So Unic UC46 Projector is perfect use in ppt presentation, home movies and video game . So Unic UC46 Projector can provide crystal clear image in dark, connect play station to enjoy game in big screen.

Unic UC46 Projector

UNIC UC46 Uni-Link Wifi LED with Inputs. Therefore Projector  device to take an image from a video source and project it as faithfully as possible a screen or other surface.

Unic UC46 Projector connect with multiple desktop, laptop, speaker, DVD player, mobile hard disk, U disk,TV set top box, digital camera, tablet PC, SD card.

Since Projector designed to receive video signal from some external device a DVD player, a Blu-Ray player, or a computer and project that signal onto a screen.

Since the lens  piece of glass shaped in a very simple way designed to take the small image and turn it into a larger one. Unic UC46 Projector product result is best.


Unic UC46 Projector Feature

Unic UC46 Projector            Unic UC46 Projector

  • Input power of Unic UC46 Projector 100-240AC 50/60HZ

  • So power input compatible with 90% countries

  • Since it input 5v power bank

  • So it is rich interfaces

  • Projector Built in lance patent design

  • Since it is Handle adjusting optimal correction

  • Innovation dial type focusing lens patent design

  • Since its High quality multi chip coated lens

  • Therefore UNIC projector detected short – focus design max size can reach 130

  • So its show 120 inch big screen home cinema


Main Feature

  • Can provide crystal clear images in dark.
  • Perfect for PPT or business presentation.
  • While you are watching movies, you can charge your phones with USB.
  • Connect an external speakers.
  • Connect  play station PS4, PS3, PS2, Xbox 360.
  • Image size 36-130 inches.
  • Native resolution 800×480.
  • High quality multi chip coated opticle lens.

This projector is the best projector in category. It’s provide you crystal clear images in dark with screen size 36-130 inches with resolution with 800×480. In this projector high quality multi chip coated opticle lens for gives better picture quality. So it is rich interface. Input power of Unic UC46 Projector is 100-240AC 50/60hz. Connected with speakers and home theaters.





  • Brand: unicuc40


  • Batteries Required: No

  • Display Resolution Maximum: 1080p

  • Image Brightness: 1200 Lumens

  • Display: LCD

  • Screen Size: 130 Inches

  • Additional Features: 1200 Lumens, 800:1 Contrast and Multiple interface HDMI/AV/SD/USB/VGA/UNi-Link with above 4.2.2, IOS6.0 and Win8.1 system, Multi-chip-coated Lens, Short-focus design.

  • Model: UC46

  • Product Dimensions: 15 x 20 x 7 cm

Available for purchase on: Amazon