Speed Blow On-Off Rechargeable Retro LED Lamp

Retro LED Lamp is very cool and stylish. Retro LED Lamp develops by Speed Company. Its rechargeable battery of lamp.It is made of extremely very light weight material.

This beautiful looking lamp Retro styled LED Lamp comes with a rechargeable battery and is made by extremely light weight material must.

You can control the intensity of the brightness through the knob. You can switch them off or on by simply blowing into the lampshade.

This is Retro Design with modern long lasting, light weight material LED light, energy saving, durable and environmentally friendly. Super light quality for eye-protection.

This lamp gives you a uniform and soft light effect, anti-dazzle, relieves eye fatigue. This lamp can save Energy and for longer life. This is Portable design, stylish and compact, convenient for traveling or camping and rechargeable lamp.

  Specification Of Retro LED Lamp



  • The Dimensions of lamp is 2.8*2.8*8 inches
  • The available in Red, Blue, Green, Gold color
  • The material used in that ABS+Acrylic
  • The Weight of lamp is 0.56 Pounds

Features Of Retro LED Lamp

  • This lamp is made by hard ABS plastic and acrylic material, so there are no breakable parts. So that you use this lamp anywhere you need.
  • There is no potentially dangerous hot flame, no black smoke, environmental friendly, so you use freely in the home.
  • When you blow the chimney the lamp , LED light will be on. When you blow to lamp-chimney again, LED light will be off.
  • There is rechargeable battery is used , USB charge function is available and lighting continuously on up to 8 hours.
  • Soft light without glare and the dim light looks like candle light’s twinkling.
  • Also will be a good choice for a a romantic, candlelit dinner, an outdoor camping and a nostalgic jewelry. Package includes:
  • The special blowing control technology and the elegant kerosene oil lamp design make it much more fun compared to the traditional LED lamp.

Charge Method Retro LED Lamp



    • When first time you use this product, please charge more than 4 hours, in order to ensure proper function of the built-in rechargeable battery.
    • Normally you charge for two hours to lamp.

On And Off Method Retro LED Lamp



  • The switch to the “ON” position, the product features open.
  • When you want to off the lamp push the “OFF” switch .

Other Benefits Of Retro LED Lamp

  • Blowing Control- A gentle blow into the lampshade can turn on/off the lamp.
  • This lamp also  provide adjustable brightness– You can use the Dimmer Control Knob to adjust the brightness.
  • In that lamp Rechargeable built-in battery charge through USB cable with DC 5V USB port, can be connected to computer, power bank or USB adaptor.
  • The lamp is in Retro Design with modern long lasting,
  • The lamp is very light weight than other lamp.
  • In that using the LED light which is energy saving, durable and environmental friendly

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